About us

We believe in teaching practical skills designed for the modern Egyptian student or professional.  We aim to provide the most relevant courses for the Egyptian job market.

We strive to offer professional, affordable courses for Egyptian students.  We offer instruction in Arabic, English and use only the latest software and hardware.

Why Us?
The RCC is the premier certified training institute in Egypt.  All of our instructors are certified, ensuring that you are getting the best education possible.  

We offer excellent opportunities for everyone, whether you’re at the beginning of your career, or if you’re already a professional looking to enhance your qualifications.  No matter where you are professionally, RCC are tailor made to fit your needs.

Our technology labs consist exclusively of Apple computers, so you know you are working with the highest quality hardware.  As well, our team of instructors is certified and professional.  We emphasize a hands on approach, so you directly benefit from their expertise.  Each course is fully interactive, so you’ll never be bored. Most importantly, you’ll graduate with the skills needed to find a job in today’s market.  

Head of Computer Department:
Sharif Salama